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  • How quickly do I get paid? pays within 4 hours of receipt of the necessary paperwork. That means cleared funds in your account!
  • When do I repay
    At settlement you account to us for the commission, similar to how you would account to yourselves at settlement for commission you are owed.
  • Do you only advance funds against residential real estate sales commissions?
    No. We will also advance funds for Industrial sales, commercial sales, business sales and rent rolls.
  • How are the fees determined? will discount the commission you are owed based upon the number of days to settlement. The fees are calculated at an affordable rate per day and there is no up front cash required from you. Call our office for a schedule of our fees.
  • Is the service confidential?
    Yes. The service is totally confidential.
  • Who else uses
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  • How much can you advance me? can advance you up to 90% of the commission you are owed less any fees. Unlike some companies, does not place an arbitrary cap on how much it will advance. Anywhere from $500 to $250,000 can be be accommodated.
  • How do I receive the commission?
    The commission can be electronically transfered to a nominated bank account or a cheque issued if you prefer.
  • Wouldn't a bank loan make more sense?
    Banks often have restrictive lending requirements relating to cash flow, profitability, equity and years in business, which prohibit them from making loans. is not in the lending business. The decision to fund your cash flow has nothing to do with your performance, years in business or financial strength.
  • Are fees tax deductible?
    Yes - similar to interest payments, our fees are tax deductible expenses if used in the running of your business. Check with your accountant to be sure.
  • Must I sign up for a minimum period?
    No. There are no contract periods. You simply use when you need us
  • What happens if a property fails to settle?
    You have the choice of replacing the transaction or simply repaying the commission advanced.
  • Can I repay the advance early?
    Yes. You will also receive a refund of fees paid.
  • I'm a sales person! Can you fund me?
    Certainly. Your Principal simply enters into an agreement with PaidOnExchange. We will then advance the commission to your Principal who then forward to you. We understand sales people have commission flow issues too!
  • Why would I use
    In the real estate industry there is usually around a six week time frame from when a sale is made and the point at which payment is received for that sale. The lag in time from sale to payment can and often is crippling for a business, particularly in a contracting market. allows you to get your hands on commission you know is coming - NOW!
  • What will my Vendors think?
    They won't know. Your transaction is completely confidential and you account to them upon settlement as you normally would.
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